Written title - Ian Stewart - composer/musician handwritten

Ian Stewart is a composer and keyboard player based in London - U.K.

If you are interested in any of the music listed on this website, pdf copies of the score and parts can be sent so that the musicians/ ensembles can play through the music before buying the parts. Please use the contact page to request music or send a message.

Most of Ian Stewart's music is written for classical saxophone, electronics, piano and violin, in various ensembles. His works often include voice or prerecorded spoken voice. Many works were written for particular players and ensembles including Kyle Horch, John Harle, Naomi Sullivan, Royal College of Music Saxophone Ensemble and Northwestern University Saxophone Ensemble.

His library music is released through three library companies and has been used in television programmes in several countries.

Influences include psychedelic music, Gil Evans, Andy Warhol, 1960s music that used live instruments with prerecorded tape, Carl Ruggles and twentieth century American music, new wave rock, ambient/new age, Baroque music and 1960s English and 1970s American poetry.

For two consecutive years he attended Paul Patterson's contemporary music summer school, studying electronic composition, live electronics and the early VCS3 synthesizer.

He was one of the few students to have attended composition classes with Franz Reizenstein, a pupil of Paul Hindemith, then going on to study composition with Thomas Rajna.